Episode 45: The Second Level Of Perfect, with Myke Hurley

We welcome returning champion Myke Hurley back to the show, giving refuge to a temporarily homeless podcaster. Musing about Scott Pilgrim following Myke's appearance on Defocused, sharing Amazon guilt during a therapy session, and creeping out couriers, in and amongst the following topics:

  • Apple look set to announce their annual iPhone event
    • September 9th (make a note in your diaries)
    • Will we see wearables too?
    • What size iPhones might we see and how on earth do you choose which one to get?
  • Piracy in the UK
    • Police move to cut torrent website advertising off at the source
    • The availability of TV & Film in the UK vs the USA
    • Amazon Prime Video
  • Mark's experience of using OS X Yosemite and iOS 8
    • Hand-off features
    • Current stability
    • Dark mode
  • The Apple & Beats transition
    • Implications for the employees
    • The future of Beats Music
    • The future for a bloated iTunes
  • The Lytro Illum camera
    • Very interesting but niche and ultimately... kind of unnecessary
    • The HTC One (M8) and its similar camera features

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