Episode 42: Kittens In Tinfoil Hats

In this episode of the Technically Cute Podcast the guys start the show drinking and end with searching for kittens in tiny hats, there must be a causal link between those...

Meanwhile subjects covered were:

  • Intel's new Broadwell chips
    • They're coming later than anticipated. Gordon E. Moore is a goddamn liar.
    • Simon and Richard ponder their next Mac purchase taking into account the news
  • Google U-turns on a BBC piece caught in the right to be forgotten law
    • Could this be any more confusing?
    • How long can this madness go on for?
  • Chrome and Safari
    • Power consumption
    • Flash performance
    • UI & UX
  • The TSA announced that electronic devices must be powered up during screening
    • Is this really necessary? A credible threat or an overreaction?
    • What do they do if you forgot to charge your device?
    • The TSA's less than flawless track record in stealing passenger items
  • Online tracking
    • Is it a big deal?
    • How could it be made more transparent
    • What can you really do to limit it?

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