Episode 41: I Used To Love Potato Salad

In this week's freestyle episode of The Technically Correct Podcast "topics" include:

  • Using your phone as a sat-nav in your car
    • Simon's London travel woes
    • The downsides of dedicated sat-navs
    • Offline mapping
  • The UK plan to force carriers to share cell towers in remote areas
    • A picture of the UK telecoms landscape
    • The pros and cons
    • Why isn't there a government-owned carrier? (Potentially with Amazon-like behavior)
  • A kickstarter for potato salad
    • It's stupid
    • Nobody made money this easy since million dollar home page
  • Facebook tries to alter people's moods in the name of "science"
    • Would it be as bad if they had only tried to make people happy?
    • The culture of Facebook and their employees
    • It's fucked up, seriously fucked up

Meanwhile: Mark used to be cooler, Simon gets fake-racist, Richard doesn't care about the facts, and potato salad never brought so much rage.

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