Episode 4: That's Future Idiot's Problem

Got a porn horse? You’ll need the MicroUSB cable.

Mark, Richard and Simon return from illness, watching cars zoom and indifference towards his colleague’s interests respectively for episode 4 of the Technically Correct Podcast.

Discussions centre around Google Chromecast, Apple’s Q3 results and their cyclical trends, pontification about Apple’s plan for the iPhone, an in depth look at iOS 7 because clearly the internet hasn’t talked about it enough and the UK’s preposed draconian legislation to combat online piracy and porn.

The guys have a crisis of confidence in their Britishness, reminisce about last week’s invention of the wheel, pit “Big” Bob Mansfield & Jony Ive in a fight, burn down the whole house, salivate over the launch of Shakira Radio™ and resist the urge to buy a gun with consummate ease in favour of getting stabby.

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