Episode 35: Car Must Be Tumble-Dried, with Kyle DeLaHunt

This is the second part of the dicussion with special guest Kyle DeLaHunt of the Remaker's Mark Podcast. The EU's 'Right to be forgotten' landmark ruling is one of the most controversial legislative rulings in technology history, with Europeans and an American on the show it'd be foolish to let the opportunity to let the opportunity to talk about it slide by, wouldn't it?

After looking at all sides of the EU decision and potential ramifications, the remainder of the show is dedicated to discusssing how to get more people involved in technology. The iPhone/iPad have done so much to get people more into technology, and deeper into it than ever before. It’s a great start, but there’s still a tech barrier in so many ways, and for so many people. What can be done about it? The hosts share their personal perspectives and insight.

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