Episode 33: Drawn By Toddler, Labelled By Lawyer

Mark flies back from his trip to America to stop shirking his responsibilities and get behind the microphone once again. First the gang dive into follow up that Mark has from the two shows he missed before moving onto the main event - Beats by Mr Cook.

Yes, it seems that it is all but confirmed that Apple are set to aquire Beats Electronics (aka Beats By Dre) for $3.2bn, but why? The hosts ponder it for a while but not before venting all their deep, deep rage over terrible quality headphones.

The rest of the show is dedicated to highlighting that the patent wars have hit another new low and the latest on net neutrality. But there's still room for more silly QR code stories, laughing at patent images and don't miss Reg's hilarious follow up/science lesson to his own topic from last week at the end of the show.

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