Episode 27: Your Flappy Bird Cosplay

With a jam-packed week of tech news comin' atcha like Cleopatra, The Technically Correct Podcast presents the first double episode week. Episode 27 brings discussion about Microsoft's launch of Office for the iPad, which might be arriving incredibly late but does look rather impressive. Meanwhile, HTC's launch of their new flagship device seems like it was branded in Doncaster but again seems damn impressive; at this point it's clear that HTC's biggest enemy is their own marketing department.

The gang talk VR headsets as Facebook buy Oculus and Sony annouce Morpheus, get angry at Twitter's recent feature additions and have a PSA for Twitter users, laugh at crazy BlackBerry-style keyboards and hipsters buying Nokia 3310s, and wrap up the show trying to rember what something called a 'Compact Disc' is.

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