Episode 24: The Sky Is Green

"The iPhone runs OS X"

In this very special episode of the Technically Correct Podcast your genial hosts have an intense discussion resting on one sentence. Recorded completely unplanned, as the microphones kept recording after episode twenty-two, a battle of opinion and will breaks out between Richard and his co-hosts Simon and Mark.

You may recall the original iPhone keynote in January 2007 where Steve Jobs declared, "The iPhone runs OS X," but of course we all know that today Apple calls their mobile OS – iOS, much to the chagrin of the hosts. How much truth lied in that original sentence? Was it a misleading thing to say? And why did Steve say it? All these questions and more are not answered, but there's plenty of thought, opinion and healthy debate along the way. Sit back, relax and prepare to care a little too much.

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