Episode 2: Click To Make Dead

Play Minesweeper on your stitched leather fridge!

Finally Mark, Reg and Simon are back with episode 2 of The Technically Correct Podcast! There's a changed format and a shift to more general, all-encompassing topics.

With WWDC round the corner the hosts give their thoughts about what is to come in iOS and OS X, the pros and cons of skeuomorphism (mainly cons, if we're honest) and Apple's place in the quickly-changing gaming market. Other topics include pontificating about console gaming in 2013 and the (non) progress of Nokia and Windows Phone.

Plus learn about the Samsung family photo album, Mark plays Minesweeper at the Sony Store, Reg let's slip his scandalous search history, Simon and Reg try and explain how console gaming works to Mark and what do we mean when we talk about Samsung? Washing machines or refrigerators?

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Show Notes:

WWDC - June 10th–14th

What are Skeuomorphs? And where are they found?

The Samsung family portrait

Nokia and Lumia in 2013 (in detail)

Minesweeper: Windows 8 style