Episode 18: Way To Sit On The Fence There, Douchebag

As promised, the media management episode arrives, and we start with Simon taking us through his very unique music management system. Meandering here, there and everywhere, we stop off for epic rants about music streaming services and documents in the cloud— but the guys aren't done there. Systematically redesigning the filesystem is next on the agenda as they condemn file extensions to the bowels of hell — before wrapping up the show with their all-important data backup strategies.

This episode covers how each of the three hosts manage their music, TV, film and document libraries, giving you an insight into how three passionate, opinionated and picky people have set up workflows to manage their digital life. Put on a pot of coffee and pull up a chair, 'cause this one will get nerdy.

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 Simon's Man Man editing folder

  • Video: 510 files in 8 different formats.
  • Audio: 403 files in 9 different formats.
  • Images: 225 files in 9 different formats
  • Project files: 354 project files in 4 different formats
  • Miscellaneous: 17 files in 7 different formats
  • Total size: 260 GB, in a folder structure up to 7 levels deep.

It's just perfect for iCloud!