Episode 10: You're A Hip Young Persons

Misplaced boxes, floating in a white space.

Ten episodes in and it's clearly time for a concept album, duh. Mark, Simon and Reg talk about one broad topic for the episode – The Web. Naturally the guys cover a lot of ground in various areas... this calls for bullet points!

  • The internet is Google is the internet is Google is the internet
  • Google tolerates Android having native apps. "Huh? What?" you ask... just listen and learn
  • Twitter's attempts at monetisation with creepy leer of "Come back to the website"
  • WhatsApp and such (Shirkin' the web, makin' the dollars)
  • Facebook Home (Profuse vomiting ensues)
  • Path (Yeah, we know... us neither)
  • Web business model: MONEY WIL HAPPN LAETR (Is there a long game?)
  • Native apps über alles
  • Live commentary of the gang exploring Gmail's user interface and learning to hate everything

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