Episode 1: Chainsaw Frittata

All My iFiles Reader is doomed, so go placate yourself with a salad.

In this inaugural episode of the Technically Correct Podcast your genial hosts Mark, Simon and Reg discuss:

  • The closing of Google Reader, Google's business practices and their new app: Google Keep
  • Apple's update to the podcasts app and what it might tell us about UI design at Apple under Jony Ive
  • The "Apple is doomed" chatter
  • Apple's inclusion of the launchpad and all my files features in OS X
  • The rumoured iWatch, other wearable technology and how all three of us have no interest in either
  • Some of Apple's naughty claims
  • Terrible product naming

Mark says "don't get me wrong" too much, Reg eats a salad as well as revealing his secret love of Peter Andre, Simon launches into a fully justified tirade against silly ways people pronounce acronyms in technology, and a thorough deconstruction of Aldi somehow shoehorns it's way into proceedings.

Listen & Download:

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Show Notes:

Google Official Blog: A second spring of cleaning Google announces the end of a number of it's services including Google Reader in an official blog post, internet furore ensues.

James Whittaker: "Why I left Google' An inside account of working at Google by James Whittaker.

Chart of Google's lobbying of congress

Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman - classy guy.

Google Keep Google announces the launch of their new app 'Keep'

Apple's Podcasts App Minor update brings slightly less skeuomorphism.

Windows Phone's User Interface Microsoft's "live tiles" start screen is an interesting a different spin on how a smartphone can look and is in stark contrast to both iOS and Android.

CNN: Apple working on an 'iWatch' We're a little more skeptical than CNN.

Apple: Why iPhone Some of Apple's claims about the iPhone seem disingenuous.