The Show

Hosted by Mark Reynolds, Simon Harris, and Richard Bailey, The Technically Correct Podcast is a panel discussion about technology and its effect on our lives, that's more about the hosts than tech news.

The show is borne out of over ten years of private, passionate, and often hilarious discussions (and ramblings) between three British fellows and the desire to begin sharing that with the internet. What could possibly go wrong?

The Technically Correct Podcast is for tech geeks, obsessives, and the opinionated, who prefer a show with a minor focus on tech news and a major focus on the opinion and personalities of the hosts.

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The Hosts
Mark Reynolds @_markreynolds ·

Mark began his fatuation with technology as a child after watching the 1997 James Bond film: Tomorrow Never Dies, wherein Pierce Brosnan used an Ericsson JB988 mobile phone to drive a BMW 750i car during an action sequence; an obession ensued.

Fast-forward a little over 15 years and following two short-lived attempts at writing about technology, Mark had the idea to speak about it instead, with two of the people he knows best – The Technically Correct Podcast was born.

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Richard 'Reg' Bailey @captain_reg ·

Born an engineer, educated to be human. Richard has always had a passion for all things mechanical, electrical, and electronic often leading to the demise of many a gadget or appliance. Blissfully indifferent to Podcasts to this day. Recent convert to all things iOS after a decade of Nokia dedication. Currently employed, unsuprisingly, as an engineer, working on large 'infrastructure' type stuff.

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Simon Harris @Pearfalse ·

Straddling the gulf between technology and art, Simon holds a two-pronged fixation on audio and electronics, and how the two can meet. It all started in the mid-90s on his brother’s Acorn A3020, writing music with trackers and seeing how the OS ticked; he hasn’t stopped since. He currently writes music as Drydock, while co-hosting and editing both this show and the Canned Laughter Podcast.

Simon works as a software engineer in the north west of England. Ask him about “those MIDI files”.

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