Episode 43: Student Of Cable-Cutting

With Richard ill and unable to record this week, Mark and Simon let their hair down and record an episode of the show like none other to date with Simon's keyboard a casualty in the car crash.

After a failed marketing attempt for bee's cheese, putting on flowy trousers and discovering that the inventor of alcohol shots was Captain Jonny Buzzkill.

After a while a technology show breaks out as Mark and Simon discuss devices no longer being fixable, earphones, why they don't own Android devices, and the state of desktop media players and web browsers past and present.

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Episode 42: Kittens In Tinfoil Hats

In this episode of the Technically Cute Podcast the guys start the show drinking and end with searching for kittens in tiny hats, there must be a causal link between those...

Meanwhile subjects covered were:

  • Intel's new Broadwell chips
    • They're coming later than anticipated. Gordon E. Moore is a goddamn liar.
    • Simon and Richard ponder their next Mac purchase taking into account the news
  • Google U-turns on a BBC piece caught in the right to be forgotten law
    • Could this be any more confusing?
    • How long can this madness go on for?
  • Chrome and Safari
    • Power consumption
    • Flash performance
    • UI & UX
  • The TSA announced that electronic devices must be powered up during screening
    • Is this really necessary? A credible threat or an overreaction?
    • What do they do if you forgot to charge your device?
    • The TSA's less than flawless track record in stealing passenger items
  • Online tracking
    • Is it a big deal?
    • How could it be made more transparent
    • What can you really do to limit it?

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Episode 41: I Used To Love Potato Salad

In this week's freestyle episode of The Technically Correct Podcast "topics" include:

  • Using your phone as a sat-nav in your car
    • Simon's London travel woes
    • The downsides of dedicated sat-navs
    • Offline mapping
  • The UK plan to force carriers to share cell towers in remote areas
    • A picture of the UK telecoms landscape
    • The pros and cons
    • Why isn't there a government-owned carrier? (Potentially with Amazon-like behavior)
  • A kickstarter for potato salad
    • It's stupid
    • Nobody made money this easy since million dollar home page
  • Facebook tries to alter people's moods in the name of "science"
    • Would it be as bad if they had only tried to make people happy?
    • The culture of Facebook and their employees
    • It's fucked up, seriously fucked up

Meanwhile: Mark used to be cooler, Simon gets fake-racist, Richard doesn't care about the facts, and potato salad never brought so much rage.

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Episode 40: Sleep With Your Watch On

Richard makes his triumphant return to the show by hijacking his own podcast and addresses some BMW related follow up from the last episode. Mark and Simon meanwhile are already lining up Beyonce as a permanent replacement for their co-host.

This week's topics include Apple's release of iOS 7.1.2, Microsoft's first Android-powered phone, a preview of BlackBerry's new device – the 'Passport', Apple's decision to halt development of Aperture, and an attempt to understand everything at Google I/O.

Meanwhile, Simon proposes that Sheep may have worker's unions, Mark gets lost in the pointlessness of smart-watches and Richard regales everyone with a tale of self-checkout woes at the supermarket in this week's easter egg.

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Episode 39: Be Quiet About Your Hatred, with Casey Liss

This week we are delighted to be joined by Casey Liss from the Accidental Tech Podcast! With Richard unable to be part of proceedings this week Simon and Mark interview Casey about podcasting, development, and being a late Mac adopter.

In between jokes and accents, the trio discuss the recently announced Amazon Fire phone, anti-surveillance making a baby step in congress, the implications of Apple settling their e-book pricing dispute, and the apparent, continual existence of something called BlackBerry... whatever that is.

And if you've ever wondered how the UK and America differ when it comes to shopping, mobile networks, transport, and accents then you're in luck! Just listen to find out.

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Episode 38: Cupertino, County Cork

The gang make the most of a slow post-WWDC news cycle as they return this week for your aural pleasure.

Comedy ensues as loose ends from the WWDC keynote are tied up, the EU decide to investigate Apple's tax practices, Tesla "open sources" its patents, drones get the ay-OK in Alaska, the 1980s is back in the form of VR headsets and Amazon continue to be a little bit shady.

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Episode 37: The Stepford File Manager

You watched the two hour Keynote, now it's time for the two hour podcast!

In this bonus episode Mark, Simon, and Richard talk about everything that was announced at the WWDC 2014 Apple Keynote. Strap yourself in for the longest ride the Technically Correct Podcast has ever offered.

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Episode 36: Skeuomorphic Barnacles

Please shave the barnacles off the boat before entering the Technically Correct barge. In this episode the gang give their final thoughts on the Apple/Beats deal after it goes through for $3bn, pontificate on what WWDC might bring, try and make sense of the Surface Pro 3, stuggle to get to the bottom of the TrueCrypt conspiracy, and discuss Amazon's dirty treatment of book publisher Hachette.

So put down your flying disc (frisbee), forget about the hoovering (vacuuming) and unwrap the air bubble cushioning material (bubble wrap) from your brand new headphones because it's time to listen to the first of two episodes in this action-packed week.

Note: A WWDC special will be released later in the week. Aren't you all a lucky bunch?

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Episode 35: Car Must Be Tumble-Dried, with Kyle DeLaHunt

This is the second part of the dicussion with special guest Kyle DeLaHunt of the Remaker's Mark Podcast. The EU's 'Right to be forgotten' landmark ruling is one of the most controversial legislative rulings in technology history, with Europeans and an American on the show it'd be foolish to let the opportunity to let the opportunity to talk about it slide by, wouldn't it?

After looking at all sides of the EU decision and potential ramifications, the remainder of the show is dedicated to discusssing how to get more people involved in technology. The iPhone/iPad have done so much to get people more into technology, and deeper into it than ever before. It’s a great start, but there’s still a tech barrier in so many ways, and for so many people. What can be done about it? The hosts share their personal perspectives and insight.

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Episode 34: A Fact-Finding Mission To Cuba, with Kyle DeLaHunt

The Technically Correct Podcast welcomes Kyle DeLaHunt of the Remaker's Mark Podcast this week to join your usual, trusty bunch of co-hosts to analyse the state of play for media services across the globe. With American and British experiences and landscapes to draw from, the quartet ponders the reasons behind the varied coverage maps for music, TV, film, ebook and app service providers, all the while battling their terrible, western geography education.

There's also some patent follow up at the start of the show, as Apple and Google agree to maybe, not, perhaps, not not sue each other in the future.

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