Episode 29: Everything Somewhere

It's Reg o'clock this week on the Technically Correct Podcast as Richard takes centre stage to share his tale of buying a new phone contract. He gets more than just a bagel for his efforts, though — it's one-six, not six-zero.

In part two, Richard shares his thoughts on which smartphone he'd like to pair with his Frankencontract. What will it run? iOS? Android? Windows Phone? We run through all the options, and try to eke out a clear winner. It won't be easy, but we give it a bash all the same.

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Episode 28: A Bottle Of Champagne Each

In this extra special episode of the Technically Correct Podcast, your wholesome hosts are joined by podcasting extraordinaire Myke Hurley from the beloved 5by5 network. With six podcasts to record and a full time job, Myke is undoubtedly one of the hardest working podcasters around.

Mark, Simon and Richard have a Q&A session with Myke, talking about his podcasting beginnings, how he makes it all work and philosophies and experiences he's built up after four years in the business. For the remainder of the show the gang all discuss Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Dash, and the announcement of WWDC 2014 and what we might expect from the keynote.

Along the way we learn about Myke's plans for a myke.sexy domain, Mark's struggle with champagne limits, and Richard's "genius" microphone setup.

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Episode 27: Your Flappy Bird Cosplay

With a jam-packed week of tech news comin' atcha like Cleopatra, The Technically Correct Podcast presents the first double episode week. Episode 27 brings discussion about Microsoft's launch of Office for the iPad, which might be arriving incredibly late but does look rather impressive. Meanwhile, HTC's launch of their new flagship device seems like it was branded in Doncaster but again seems damn impressive; at this point it's clear that HTC's biggest enemy is their own marketing department.

The gang talk VR headsets as Facebook buy Oculus and Sony annouce Morpheus, get angry at Twitter's recent feature additions and have a PSA for Twitter users, laugh at crazy BlackBerry-style keyboards and hipsters buying Nokia 3310s, and wrap up the show trying to rember what something called a 'Compact Disc' is.

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Episode 26: Phosphorus Jacuzzi

Simon returns to the show and boy does he have follow up. Once Simon is back up to speed the hosts discuss Apple's minor iPad and iPhone line refresh, go in depth with iOS 7.1 and debate the pros and cons of email snooping in a week where both Google (shock, horror!) and Microsoft were both caught doing it, albeit with different motives in mind.

Meanwhile the gang talk like cockneys, disappoint with gifts, plan a terrible bank robbery and mourn the loss of their oil tycoon grandmothers.

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Episode 25: The Ugly Camera Nipple

With Simon having ISP issues, episode 25 sees Mark and Richard forging new ground as the Technically Correct Podcast rolls on with one man down. The release of iOS 7.1 has Richard longing for a VCR, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has Mark longing for a lobotomy and Tim Cook's kick-ass response to a bunch of sleazy, greedy investors has both hosts thoroughly impressed.

Later in the show the duo talk about CarPlay and it's implications on the auto industry, as well as the GCHQ's 'Optic Nerve' webcam related spying program in the UK.

Simon will return next week and in the meantime you can check out the newly designed home of the Technically Correct Podcast, feedack is welcomed – especially if it's good!

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Episode 24: The Sky Is Green

"The iPhone runs OS X"

In this very special episode of the Technically Correct Podcast your genial hosts have an intense discussion resting on one sentence. Recorded completely unplanned, as the microphones kept recording after episode twenty-two, a battle of opinion and will breaks out between Richard and his co-hosts Simon and Mark.

You may recall the original iPhone keynote in January 2007 where Steve Jobs declared, "The iPhone runs OS X," but of course we all know that today Apple calls their mobile OS – iOS, much to the chagrin of the hosts. How much truth lied in that original sentence? Was it a misleading thing to say? And why did Steve say it? All these questions and more are not answered, but there's plenty of thought, opinion and healthy debate along the way. Sit back, relax and prepare to care a little too much.

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Episode 23: The Engineer Inside Of You

Are you a human that uses Whatsapp? The value of your life is $35... and your schoolteacher said you'd amount to nothing!

Whatsapp buys Facebook and the hosts are just pleased they don't have plans to purchase UK-based nuclear plants. Meanwhile, Microsoft may have bought Nokia but that's not stopping Nokia announce their first Android phones, continuing Microsoft's run of managing to make no sense with every strategic move they make.

Tying in with the last episode, the gang ponder the potential net neutrality concerns with Comcast's streaming deal with Netflix and to round up the show talking about BlackBerry's spat with T-Mobile and the joys of DSLR cameras.

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Episode 22: These Keys Were Made For Typin'

Some swap needles, some swap phones, I guess it depends on your addiction. Thankfully at the Technically Correct Podcast it's the latter! Reg has been borrowing Simon's old iPhone 3GS as he ponders a shift from Windows Phone 7 to iOS. He offers his fresh perspective on an unfamilar OS - the good, the bad and the enigmatic iCloud.

Flappy Bird – the infamous iOS game – seemed to fly off the App Store almost instantly after it's downloads began to soar. The gang discuss the debacle start-to-finish before a quick chat about net neutrality and the anvil hanging over it's head in the US.

CAUTION: May contain poop.

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Episode 21: Plug 'n' Play Figurehead

In this episode of the Technically Correct Podcast, the hosts discuss Microsoft's [eventual] announcement of their new CEO Satya Nadella, and what it might mean for the dinosaur of the technology world. Also, Google sells Motorola Mobility's handset division to Lenovo and the gang ponder what Lenovo could have planned and how much money Google lost on the deal — but mostly they just enjoy saying LENOVOROLA.

Finally Apple's 2014 Q1 results are quickly run through before a meaty, but mostly nerdy, discussion about the possibility of a larger screen iPhone in the near future breaks out. If you like real-time analysis of a television ad then you're in for a treat… and presumably a large therapy bill.

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Episode 20: The Bleeding Edge Of Nothing

Chinese new year rolls around and it's the year of the Snapdragon! Mark has gone and bought an Android Phone, but how is he liking it? Meanwhile Reg has bought a new camera so he gets busy educating us, informing us and then joining in with his co-hosts to bash idiots claiming DSLRs are soon to be dead... again.

Simon however has been busy buying nothing and so instead the gang moves on to talk about how Nokia fared in 2013 following their final quarterly results before wrapping up the show with a look at Nintendo's results and discussing where the company's problems lie.

This is a bumper episode, but we've been away for a while so make the most of it.

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Episode 19: Divide Up The Meat On A Zebra

After an extended hiatus for the holidays, everyone's favourite hosts of the Technically Correct Podcast return for a look at iOS 7 roughly 6 months after its announcement.

The guys track iOS 7 adoption, compare it to Android and generally voice their surprise at how easy people seem to be able to update their iPhones and iPads. Moving on from that, opinion is served! What's to like? What's not to like? Why is some of the UI a bit crap? All important questions are investigated and rounded off with how the rollout seems to have affected developers.

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Episode 18: Way To Sit On The Fence There, Douchebag

As promised, the media management episode arrives, and we start with Simon taking us through his very unique music management system. Meandering here, there and everywhere, we stop off for epic rants about music streaming services and documents in the cloud— but the guys aren't done there. Systematically redesigning the filesystem is next on the agenda as they condemn file extensions to the bowels of hell — before wrapping up the show with their all-important data backup strategies.

This episode covers how each of the three hosts manage their music, TV, film and document libraries, giving you an insight into how three passionate, opinionated and picky people have set up workflows to manage their digital life. Put on a pot of coffee and pull up a chair, 'cause this one will get nerdy.

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 Simon's Man Man editing folder

  • Video: 510 files in 8 different formats.
  • Audio: 403 files in 9 different formats.
  • Images: 225 files in 9 different formats
  • Project files: 354 project files in 4 different formats
  • Miscellaneous: 17 files in 7 different formats
  • Total size: 260 GB, in a folder structure up to 7 levels deep.

It's just perfect for iCloud!

Episode 17: My Walking Career Is Over

With a smörgåsbord of meaty stories in this week's news, the Technically Correct trio offer up a feast of tasty topics to treat the ears. Reg cooks up a cynicism stew over Amazon Prime Air, Mark buys the cheese platter from his mobile device on Black Friday and Simon neglects to prepare anything, leaving Reg to steal chocolate bars from Tesco to make up the shortfall.

Topics discussed include France's decision to block 16 streaming sites, iPhone sales soaring in Japan, Black Friday shopping statistics, Amazon Prime and the speculation over Microsoft considering to drop Windows RT.

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Episode 16: A Stiff Drink And Three Hours

All aboard for episode 16 of the Technically Correct Podcast! It's time to invade the topic of piracy. Whether it be TV, games, film or music – piracy is rife, your genial hosts ask the question why this is the case, how it differs between types of media and what can be done to solve the problem.

TL;DR - make good content, set a worldwide release date, price well, deliver content in a friction-free way, profit!

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Episode 15: They're Buying Human Eyes

It took me months to buy an iPad dock!

As episode 15 of the Technically Correct Podcast rolls into town the guys are disillusioned with the technology industry. Fuelled by Facebook's rebuffed bid of $3bn for Snapchat the guys rip apart Silicon Valley, their unsustainable business model and attempts to invent problems that don't exist to justify the existence of their apps.

Later in the episode the trio of hosts discuss Apple's packaging of products and the utter stupidity of iPad styluses. ACTIVATE ANGRY MODE!

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Episode 14: Kamikaze Spiders

Where does my mouth end?

In this episode of The Technically Correct Podcast Mark, Simon and Reg take a step back and follow up their photo backup discussions during a week where the Wall Street Journal write a responsible piece on iPhone photography and Everpix calls it a day. Reg regails us of the time he froze his MacBook battery and contrary to popular belief Windows Phone may not be doomed and the guys point out why.

Simon has a cloud rant, Reg becomes a newsreader and Mark stuggles to cope with the stupidity of the New York Times.

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Episode 13: The Poor Man's Parallax

Here be dragons, and also a very sad wallet.

In this episode of the Technically Correct Podcast the guys talk about the recent Apple event. Reg and Simon are both keen on the new Retina MacBooks, Mavericks largely pleases all three hosts, the option to remove motions in iOS 7 is discussed, the iWork update is touched on and the new iPads are also investigated.

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Episode 12: My BlackBerry Runs On Coal

Welcome to Laserdisc Emporium!

Recorded before Mark jetted off to America, the guys play fortune teller and discuss the future of the mobile market. Android OEMs, Apple and the rest, mobile ecosystems, phone camera technology and telecoms companies are all analysed and typically some laughs and irreverent comments make their way in conversation as well — despite the best efforts of Reg's hotel WiFi.

Prepare yourselves for a top-notch rant from Reg on camera technology, a shocking revelation regarding Motorola from Mark, and Simon casting himself in the role of fake devil's advocate.

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Episode 11: Voodoo School's Expensive

Order this kidney in the next 7 hours for free delivery!

Attention shoppers! Today's special on batteries and chocolate comes with 100 free Technically Correct Points™, now redeemable at amazon.com

In this episode of the Technically Correct Podcast brave jungle explorers Mark, Simon and Reg delve deep into Amazon to discuss their services, strategy and sheer magic (Amazon Prime).

Mark goes Oprah on toothbrushes, Reg records the fastest podcast in history and Simon predicts Amazon's foray into human organs.

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Episode 10: You're A Hip Young Persons

Misplaced boxes, floating in a white space.

Ten episodes in and it's clearly time for a concept album, duh. Mark, Simon and Reg talk about one broad topic for the episode – The Web. Naturally the guys cover a lot of ground in various areas... this calls for bullet points!

  • The internet is Google is the internet is Google is the internet
  • Google tolerates Android having native apps. "Huh? What?" you ask... just listen and learn
  • Twitter's attempts at monetisation with creepy leer of "Come back to the website"
  • WhatsApp and such (Shirkin' the web, makin' the dollars)
  • Facebook Home (Profuse vomiting ensues)
  • Path (Yeah, we know... us neither)
  • Web business model: MONEY WIL HAPPN LAETR (Is there a long game?)
  • Native apps über alles
  • Live commentary of the gang exploring Gmail's user interface and learning to hate everything

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