Episode 52: Buy Five iPod Classics

Simon returns this week with a bunch of follow up after missing last week's show and Mark and Richard have more thoughts about the new iPhones; lots of new thoughts.

Mark talks about his new iPhone 6, Richard talks about his iPhone experience at the Apple Store and Simon gets by on the whim of conjecture!

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Episode 51: My Binder Of First-World Problems

Simon couldn't make it this week so Mark and Richard start the show by tackling this week's listener follow up as a duo. This week your hosts have further thoughts on Pay, new iPhones and the Watch, following on from the last episode.

Mark and Richard also find time to say goodbye to the iPod Classic and discuss the $2.5bn aquisition of Mojang by Microsoft just hours before the time of recording the show.

The Technically Correct Podcast is supported by Hover.

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Episode 50: Shaking My Internet Fist At You

There was an Apple Keynote this week. Guess what we talked about?

In this half centuary episode Mark, Simon and Richard talk about the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Pay and the WATCH.

More opinion than ever.

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Episode 49: The Serifs May Surprise You

On this week's episode the hosts tuck into the following topics:

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Episode 48: Fifty Years From Jetpacks

It's a weird one this week, guys. Mark end up in a giggle fit in the easter egg at the end of the show... oh and these are the topics discussed:

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Episode 47: Torch App Number 9063

After a few weeks of avoiding the topic, the gang can't help dedicating almost the entire show to talking about indie development and making money on the App Store. Strap yourself in for opinions central and analogies ranging from footballer's wages to web portals, as the trio of hosts tackle the complex issues involved when it comes to the iOS App Store.

Stick around for the after show as well, assuming you like the idea of three tech geeks getting very angry about reversible USB design and standards proliferation.

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Episode 46: We'll Only Take Your Firstborn

In this week's episode of the Technically Correct Podcast, the hosts talk about their recent trip to London and all their photography experiences, joys and woes along the way. Gear, lighting, post-processing... it's a DSLR nerd's paradise to open the show this week.

With the upcoming announcement of new iPhones, we take a look at the second-hand iPhone market; looking at just how screwy the figures appear upon first glance and how it can all be explained. Then we get real nerdy about CPU architectures to round off the show, focussing on the newly reignited debate of ARM Macs thanks to a post by Jean-Louis Gassée.

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Episode 45: The Second Level Of Perfect, with Myke Hurley

We welcome returning champion Myke Hurley back to the show, giving refuge to a temporarily homeless podcaster. Musing about Scott Pilgrim following Myke's appearance on Defocused, sharing Amazon guilt during a therapy session, and creeping out couriers, in and amongst the following topics:

  • Apple look set to announce their annual iPhone event
    • September 9th (make a note in your diaries)
    • Will we see wearables too?
    • What size iPhones might we see and how on earth do you choose which one to get?
  • Piracy in the UK
    • Police move to cut torrent website advertising off at the source
    • The availability of TV & Film in the UK vs the USA
    • Amazon Prime Video
  • Mark's experience of using OS X Yosemite and iOS 8
    • Hand-off features
    • Current stability
    • Dark mode
  • The Apple & Beats transition
    • Implications for the employees
    • The future of Beats Music
    • The future for a bloated iTunes
  • The Lytro Illum camera
    • Very interesting but niche and ultimately... kind of unnecessary
    • The HTC One (M8) and its similar camera features

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Episode 44: Category 5 Moron

Amongst accidentally and temporarily revoking his own Brtisih citizenship, Richard finds time to buy a new desktop PC which he takes us through.

Mark and Simon can't stop making jokes about it but eventually find their professional hats to talk about Xiaomi and Amazon's bad week.

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Episode 43: Student Of Cable-Cutting

With Richard ill and unable to record this week, Mark and Simon let their hair down and record an episode of the show like none other to date with Simon's keyboard a casualty in the car crash.

After a failed marketing attempt for bee's cheese, putting on flowy trousers and discovering that the inventor of alcohol shots was Captain Jonny Buzzkill.

After a while a technology show breaks out as Mark and Simon discuss devices no longer being fixable, earphones, why they don't own Android devices, and the state of desktop media players and web browsers past and present.

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